DEEL recently participated in the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Expo in Las Vegas. We present at several shows every year and enjoy meeting new people and listening to what they tell us about the challenges they face with their current digital signage suppliers. DEEL has strived to refine the smoothest and most efficient customer experience for years, but we hear that isn’t the case for many of our competitors. Here are three reasons we learned make a DEEL solution better:

Nobody likes surprise fees
Wanting to know upfront costs without getting hit with unexpected fees is nothing new. Several people told us that their existing signage vendors were not transparent in pricing their solutions and services. We were shocked to learn that some even charge per content change! DEEL never charges extra for content changes. All content and price changes are included in the annual software & support subscription.

Customers want the flexibility to change their own content
From day 1, our Carbon CMS platform (released 2009) was specifically designed for customers to change content and prices on their own. The newly refreshed Carbon interface is an enterprise class tool that enables end users full control over their signage with no hidden user or file transfer fees. Unfortunately, the entire signage industry is not up with the times in this regard. Multiple people described disappointment in “broken promises” made by their digital signage supplier—most often the ability to change their own content and prices, in some cases still not enabled “after years.” This forces them to rely on their provider for all content changes. Even worse, in some cases simple content changes can take 7 days or more!

Customers need to sync multiple screens throughout their stores
“Store takeover” digital merchandising is gaining traction. Synchronizing all the screens in a store into a single promotion causes consumer recognition and message retention to skyrocket. The DEEL Carbon CMS platform controls the scheduling and presentation of takeover events like these. In several large establishments we sync over 100 screens at a time. In Las Vegas we found that this functionality, in spite of becoming a firm requirement, is not yet industry wide. For one of the world’s largest screen manufacturers, the highest number of screens their platform can sync is 2.

Participation in the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) Expo shed light on the challenges faced by many businesses with their current digital signage suppliers.  DEEL's commitment to transparency, user empowerment, and advanced functionality positions them as a leading provider in the digital signage for convenience stores, setting them apart from their competitors and ensuring an exceptional customer experience.