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Pilot Travel Center - Rialto, CA Installation

We love the new Pilot Flying J store design. Check out this new store in Rialto, CA.  As part of the new design, the store was given a full comprehensive digital signage treatment , enhancing its visual merchandising capabilities across various areas. Digital menu boards were installed above the hot foods and Cinnabon sections, providing dynamic and engaging displays for customers. In addition, digital merchandising screens were strategically placed above the hot beverage and fountain areas, capturing attention and enticing customers with visually appealing content. Furthermore, the store received a tobacco pricing board integrated with the store's pricebook, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for customers. With these digital enhancements, the store not only modernized its presentation but also optimized its merchandising efforts, creating a more captivating and informative shopping experience for patrons.

Pilot Rialto (1b)
Pilot Rialto (2)
Pilot Rialto (2b)
Pilot Rialto (4)
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