PPDS & Oracle Red Bull Racing Challenge


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The year 2023 marked a significant milestone for DEEL as they emerged victorious in the PPDS & Oracle Red Bull Racing Challenge. This impressive achievement earned them the privilege of joining PPDS at the United States Grand Prix held in Austin.

Two of DEEL's most valued members, Jacob and Bryan, were present at the illustrious Paddock Club of Red Bull Racing to witness the thrilling races. Apart from the exhilarating F1 races, Jacob and Bryan also had the opportunity to enjoy the F1 Concert series as well as a VIP tour of the Red Bull Racing pit and garage, which was an unforgettable experience. DEEL is immensely grateful for the opportunity to strengthen their already robust partnership with PPDS.

During the event, Jacob and Bryan caught up with some familiar faces from PPDS, including Alison Maxson, Scott Adams, Nick Begleries, Daniel Vines, Patrick VanTreese, Jose Medina, and Bruce Wyrwizke. The DEEL team is thrilled to continue this fantastic partnership with PPDS, and they express their gratitude for the incredible weekend that they had.